Welcome to Kacie Shanks Designs.

Thanks for visiting my website, where I’ll be sharing designs, sketches, photos, and blogs about what I’m up to.

I dreamt of being a fashion designer years ago. At the age of four I was dressing myself in the morning, from shoes to hats and from bags to dresses.

At eight I was designing my own range of bridal wear.

At twelve I was looking for an appropriate university and holding regular fashion shows for my parents and younger siblings that my reluctant sisters would take part in.

At fourteen I was applying for college (in advance of course). By 17 I had decided university wasn’t right for me and had started to develop my own label.

And now, at 22, I am still working on my own label whilst working as a nanny to save for my big adventures around Japan and the USA.

This trip to will be the groundwork to my next BIG collection. First, a pre-exploration collection, filled with the naivety you have and the knowledge you THINK you have from hearing the word of another and seeing some nondescript photographs. Then after/DURING my trip there will be some enlightenment on the horizon. Perhaps even some disillusion!

Right now, I am working with a few other designers to create a SS16 collection that will be soon be found at The Smithery, Warwick

My dream is to make it as  fashion designer. Watch this space…