‘You design and make clothes? GREAT! Could you recreate 5 bridesmaids dresses by August?’

The kind of opportunity I’ve been waiting for. So why am I so scared? Maybe I don’t believe in my potential? Maybe there’s no way I can have it done in time and continue to work 3 jobs? Or maybe it’s because it’s real.
My client (hell yeah, my client!) wants me to design AND make some new dresses to sit on top of the dresses she has. She loves the colour but the bridesmaids are not keen on the fit. Enter Kacie!
Very first and rough ideas.
Studying law, medicine or even teaching at university is justifiable. Fashion is an art (In my opinion) it can’t be taught. Yes, there is a math and set of technical skills to be learned in terms of pattern cutting, marketing, technical drawing and so on. But £9000+ for that? No thank you. I want to make it alone and I will make it alone.
Of tasteless ‘quotes’, I’m not a fan but here’s one that grabbed me, Happy Tuesday:
‘You must decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.’