‘If you haven’t felt like quitting, your dreams aren’t big enough.’

When I tell people of my over ambitious dreams, some are approving and encouraging. Some question my strength, ability and potential. Then there are the majority that pat my head with a condescending grin, complimented by a silent chuckle of doubt. I can almost hear their eyes saying ‘Clearly this girl is naive. She hasn’t yet learned the reality of her future.’

Fellow dreamers, no one can deny that as much, and as often as we convince ourselves that is doesn’t phase us… it IS a kick in the granolas. No body appreciates being told that what they strive for is not achievable.

Elephant aiming high

It’s all about aiming high!

Despite the popular belief that I will never make it and so on, I will have my heart broken by reality and the cruel world I haven’t yet explored, I’m sticking by my sewing needles. I was raised to aim for the stars because that way you’ll always reach the moon. Frankly, I’d rather be on the moon alone than on earth with billions of others that never believed I would get there.

Kids, never let anyone tell you your dreams are too big. Some one has to land on the moon.