The worst (for now) is over. The greater force above us has reached down to me and saved me from the grey cloud of creative block and I’m back on track. IT’S OVER! With that being said I’m setting out to create my very first freelance collection. No more small time ‘tops’ or ‘shorts’. It’s time for all or nothing. The ‘big guns’ if you will.

In the past, projects have been basic and non daring. It’s time to be scared and create something that really is something. I need to be afraid, I need to face failure.

Jamie Shanks modelling bronze satin shorts

Bronze satin shorts featured in the Autumn collection.

Autumn is by far – to my personal taste and preference – the most superior season. The weathered leaves ranging from a golden brown to a deep red shade raining down against a midnight blue sky. Bonfires and fireworks, chestnuts, boots with fluffy scarves and knitted jumpers. The glamour of Autumn puts me in my element. And who doesn’t like cosy nights in with creamy hot chocolate and slipper socks? My first collection will be all of this and some just in time for Winter. You say late, I say just in time.

This way, the glamour of Autumn will linger around a festive Christmas aura.