Travel broadens the mind

In all my 20 years of living I have never left the country. Well, there was the year six school trip to France where we stayed at a PGL camp for 8 days and visited a couple of bakeries, chocolate factories, saw the Eiffel Tower from half way up and spent half a day at Disneyland Paris. In the grand scheme of the world, not quite the eye opening culture shock experience I was expecting.

I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese heritage and history. In photographs, beautiful and captivating… naive. To shake this ignorance, I must leave England and jump in at the deep end.

36 images of mount Fuji by Katsu Hokusaiushika


The plan!

I think it also important to mention that I am a a designer, still working on making my name in the industry. It’s tough, is it not, fellow dreaming designers!? This trip to Japan with my boyfriend, Harry, will be the groundwork to my next BIG collection. First, a pre-Japan collection, filled with the naivety you have and the knowledge you THINK you have from hearing the word of another and seeing some nondescript photographs. Then after/DURING my trip there will be some enlightenment on the horizon. perhaps even some disillusion!

Lets wrap it up

This trip was meant to be a one man show. People would say ‘You’re going alone? Blimey, that’s brave’……..hmmmmm….maybe? Although I must say I’m thrilled to be accompanied by my boyfriend and ‘bestest bud’

There will be constant updates, photographs, perhaps even some videos. Watch this space..

P.S Watch this space? I guess, I am that guy.