”Even dust, when accumulated, turns into a mountain.”

27 hour days aren’t fun. I wanted to let you know just in case you were planning on making a colossal mistake in the near future. It goes without saying, some sleep is better than no sleep. I’ve always been more of a functional person when under the influence of sleep deprivation, but on this occasion I may have just shot myself in the foot. with six 7:00am starts and stupid o’clock finishes coming up, I could have done with taking all the sleep I could when I had the chance.

Anyhow, It’s all about powering through. I know that once I’ve made it in the world of fashion I will look back on these hard times and the days of struggling and miss it. Knowing it was the best time and the most fun. it’s all about the journey and not the destination, after all.

Meanwhile, in those rare spare hours I’ve been working a lot on a dirty pink chiffon shirt with a beaded design of a symmetrical pattern I drew up of a dead cherry blossom tree. Oh the labour! and of course I chose the smallest beads in existence. Put just a bite too much on my plate AGAIN perhaps?

They’re the size of poppy seeds.
400 beads down, roughly 98 lost to the floor, approximately 10,000 to go…
I will be at this for days.
I will be grouchy.
I will want to give in with some tears.
I will have fingers covered in pin pricks.
I will loose sleep.
But I will finish it and I won’t stop until that is the case.
Think not?  Watch this space.