Sometimes, it’s okay to be crazy and make irrational decisions. Keeping in mind that it is important to know the time, place and appropriate circumstances. For example, splashing out on a laptop when you have a lack of sufficient funds… not a good idea. Deciding to drive to Sheffield at 23:00 to spend a night with your boyfriend on your only day off for a long while… forgiveable.

Or so I thought. Silly, Kacie.

Those of you that know me personally know that I come from a line of performers. Actors, models, singer song writers, blah blah blah. That including the litter I belong to. Obviously in this being the case, they can occasionally react… extravagantly to otherwise minute situations. This, I always find comical. Especially when, my wicked humoured mother, joins in.

So with that, I want to apologise to Jamie-Jodie Shanks for being unfair and selfish in leaving her to pick up the pieces whilst I was away for the night when Nikita-Nina Shanks tragically went missing at The Almanack yestersay. I hope that someday you will be able to bring yourself to forgive me.

Osborn shooting Pippa/Common activity.

We all have different angles of perception. I love them all to pieces and we have so much fun together.

Yes, It would be nice if sometimes, Osborn choosing not to wear shoes outside or running out of milk weren’t ”situations” capable of ending the world as we know it, but then life would be too vanilla. And I don’t think we could roll with that.


And they all lived… the end.

Watch this space for more of nothing and everything.