I’ve been asked to take part in this fashion show in central London for upcoming designers to showcase their work to fashion bloggers, buyers and members of the press. SCORE! It all sounds fantastic and very sparkly (In the tasteful way!) My problem with this is that I would need 10 finished outfits to showcase by May 27th for a dress rehearsal before the actual show that takes place on the 12th of June.

I’m constantly designing and making new clothes, altering existing items for my siblings and experimenting altering clothes I own and have grown out of taste wise. This show, however, is held for 200 people within the fashion industry who REALLY know their stuff. I suddenly want to throw all of my existing clothes out and make a whole new bunch worthy of such a show and opportunity.

My Final collection for BTEC Fashion and Clothing

My Final collection for BTEC Fashion and Clothing

I have a major case of stage fright, it’s always been a problem. I just wasn’t cut out to be a performer like my siblings. I have always wanted to be an inspiration to somebody. The reason someone believes anyone has a chance at succeeding at anything they chooses to put there mind to. To go out and get what they want no matter what they’re told.

This will go either of two ways, A) I have less time to make these outfits than I thought and it all turns out to be a train wreck and preferably B) They’re completed in time, everything’s okay, I end up in the show and the crowd goes wild! (Dreaming, you should always be dreaming!)

I want option B so option B is what I shall get.

Don’t believe me? Watch this space..