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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The worst (for now) is over. The greater force above us has reached down to me and saved me from the grey cloud of creative block and I’m back on track. IT’S OVER! With that being said I’m setting out to create my very first freelance collection. No more small time ‘tops’ or ‘shorts’. It’s time for all or nothing. The ‘big guns’ if you will.

In the past, projects have been basic and non daring. It’s time to be scared and create something that really is something. I need to be afraid, I need to face failure.

Jamie Shanks modelling bronze satin shorts

Bronze satin shorts featured in the Autumn collection.

Autumn is by far – to my personal taste and preference – the most superior season. The weathered leaves ranging from a golden brown to a deep red shade raining down against a midnight blue sky. Bonfires and fireworks, chestnuts, boots with fluffy scarves and knitted jumpers. The glamour of Autumn puts me in my element. And who doesn’t like cosy nights in with creamy hot chocolate and slipper socks? My first collection will be all of this and some just in time for Winter. You say late, I say just in time.

This way, the glamour of Autumn will linger around a festive Christmas aura.

Red bull and The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hello, my name is Kacie and I’m a sleep deprivation addict.

Well, not entirely. I love sleep. As a child there was no need to nag me of my bed time as I would already voluntarily be in bed sound asleep. Sleep is one of the greatest and yet least noticed pleasures in life. Recently, however, I have been coming more to terms with my fathers passing (May he rest in peace) and have become even more AWARE of how life can be snatched from you at any moment. 80 years is a long time in terms of how we are able to comprehend time but in the grand scheme of the universe is not a long time.

I dream of being a fashion designer years ago. At 4 I was dressing my self in the morning, from shoes to hats and from bags to dresses. At 8 I was designing my own range of bridal wear. At 12 I was looking for an appropriate university and holding regular fashion shows for my parents and younger siblings that my reluctant sisters would take part in.

At 14 I was applying for college (in advance of course) By 17 I had decided university wasn’t right for me and had started to develop my own label. And now, at 20 going on time is ticking, I am still working on my own label whilst working as a nanny and waitress as a means to an end to save for for this trip to Japan Harry and I are going on in April.

It has never crossed my mind to create a plan B. As much as they push you to do so in your senior years at school, to me, a plan B is a plan to fail, or even worse… quit. This means working around the clock at making sure plan A goes, well, to plan! And when you work in hospitality sometimes that means missing out or more sacrificing the privilege of sleeping.

But I don’t care. I want what I want so badly that I will do anything to get it. Even if it does mean staying up all night after a busy Friday night shift at work beading a shirt that’s taking you months to finish before returning to your place of work at 7am trying to be peachy to a very large, very posh group of rather unpeachy guests on no sleep.

It gives me a rush. It’s how I get my kicks and I know that these are the days of struggle that I will look back on once I’ve made it big being the next Ralph and Russo and miss whilst slurping on a nice big glass of success saying ‘AH, those were the days.’ Which brings me back to my original statement…

Hello, my name is Kacie and I am a sleep deprivation addict.

Remember why you started.

Watch this space…

Stage fright

I’ve been asked to take part in this fashion show in central London for upcoming designers to showcase their work to fashion bloggers, buyers and members of the press. SCORE! It all sounds fantastic and very sparkly (In the tasteful way!) My problem with this is that I would need 10 finished outfits to showcase by May 27th for a dress rehearsal before the actual show that takes place on the 12th of June.

I’m constantly designing and making new clothes, altering existing items for my siblings and experimenting altering clothes I own and have grown out of taste wise. This show, however, is held for 200 people within the fashion industry who REALLY know their stuff. I suddenly want to throw all of my existing clothes out and make a whole new bunch worthy of such a show and opportunity.

My Final collection for BTEC Fashion and Clothing

My Final collection for BTEC Fashion and Clothing

I have a major case of stage fright, it’s always been a problem. I just wasn’t cut out to be a performer like my siblings. I have always wanted to be an inspiration to somebody. The reason someone believes anyone has a chance at succeeding at anything they chooses to put there mind to. To go out and get what they want no matter what they’re told.

This will go either of two ways, A) I have less time to make these outfits than I thought and it all turns out to be a train wreck and preferably B) They’re completed in time, everything’s okay, I end up in the show and the crowd goes wild! (Dreaming, you should always be dreaming!)

I want option B so option B is what I shall get.

Don’t believe me? Watch this space..


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